Friday, April 07, 2006

halifax, november '05.

this was my first batch of stickers, plastered all over what passes for 'downtown' halifax last november. a surprising number of them stayed up for at least weeks, some of them being still kinda around when i went back to halifax this january (for a week of cheap chartreuse, more stickering, bondage & goodbye-sex) -- most of them, notably the ones on lampposts on barrington & duke streets, had just been painted over by the city (rather then scraped off) so one could still see that they were there through the paint if one knew where to look. the garbage bin featured in the top 2 photos (before & after passersby made their additions) had been taken down outright.

i didn't start properly recording what people put in the stickers until very recently (& i'll be posting the more amusing/cryptic ones of those eventually) but the best 'reply' so far is still from halifax --

[2 stickers, one of a guy with his back turned, one of a carton of "mulk."]
guy: "lactose, why have you forsaken me?"

the stickers in the eighth photo were peeled off & repositioned like that by persons unknown.


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