Friday, April 07, 2006

brooklyn, december '05 to january '06

done during several amazing weeks of being semi-homeless in new york. (bad cough, pissing blood, naps on subway trains, stayed for a bit with a guy who not only let me eat his gourmet-food leftovers & drink his cheaper beer [ie: anything that cost less than $4 a bottle], but gave me my own key -- all without me selling my ass, i have to add.)

i experimented a bit on this batch & did some of them with a 3/4" tip paint marker. (see the third & fourth photos) there were also ones done with a fineline caligraphy pen, but those didn't turn up so well on film.

technical note: i take all my pictures with regular disposable 35mm cameras & get them developed by whoever does them cheaper.

look closely at the ipod ad...


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