Tuesday, April 18, 2006

vancouver, february to april '06

as much as i profess to hate nature, i suspect that the absurd abundance of green, growing things in vancouver has something of a sedative effect on me, making the past several months the most angst-free i've been in ages. either that or (horror of horrors) i'm finally growing up.

except for the second photo, which is there because cigarettes are pretty, all of these have been written in.

the first one is one of several, all with the exact same code/bible citation/whatever-the-hell. tres mysterious.

the 4x4 block was up on that board for almost a week, getting 2 stickers filled in [middle row, last one - "this sentence is false." last row, third from right - "mom told me not to eat watermelon seeds."] before it got pasted over with a giant drawing of johnny cash.

fourth photo: "my mommy hates those things." "i hate his mom."

the ones on the phonebooth were up for well over a month & would probably still be there if someone didn't smash all the glass out last week.

last but not least, a thoroughly shitty shot, there only to give y'all a glimpse of the elusive author in action, trenchcoat & all.


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